About the Editor

My name is Carlisa, and I have always held a deep love for books. I remember repeatedly asking my teachers to let me go to the library—I'd already finished yesterday's book. Books have taken me to new worlds while also allowing me to explore my own world more fully. Books have helped me empathize, learn, grow, cry, love. Books have changed my life.

And that's why I've devoted my life to helping authors like you get your books out there. I want to help books reach out and touch hearts like so many did for mine. I want to work with you to help make your book shine, like I know it can and does.

To learn a little about me: I graduated with a BA in English and editing. I've worked, edited, and published for international magazines, such as the New Era. I've edited and written for marketing companies. For the past two years, I have been working and still work for North Star Editions and its imprints, Jolly Fish Press and Flux Books as a contract acquisition editor.

I read ravenously, and you will almost never find me without a book on my person. Some of my all-time favorites are:

  • The Book Thief by Markus Zusak
  • Persuasion by Jane Austen
  • Les Miserables by Victor Hugo
  • Eliza and Her Monsters by Francesca Zappia
  • Some Kind of Happiness by Claire Legrand
  • The Night Circus by Erin Morgenstern
  • Children of Blood and Bone by Tomi Adeyami
  • Ella Enchanted by Gail Carson Levine

Un-book-related, I love musicals, movies, peonies, chill music with acoustic guitar, and board games. I am fiercely loyal to my friends, family, and clients, and I will support them with everything that I have. 

So that's a little about me. Now, I'd love to hear from you.

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