Editing Services

 Freelance Editing Services I Offer

freelance services

I have experience and expertise in all stages of editing, and I’m open to working with whatever you need!

Full Manuscript

Free Five-Page Edit!
I want to make sure that I’m a good fit for you, and so I’m willing to edit a free sample of up to five pages of your full manuscript. I will send back your Word document with my tracked changes and comments.

Manuscript Critique
There are a lot of different words for what this is, but this is where I read your manuscript and help you find any holes and large-scale problems with your narrative. I analyze your characters, your plot, your organization, your flow and pace, your setting, and more. This is editing on a large-scale perspective. With this service, I’ll write you a detailed editorial letter (what some call a reader report) listing all of my thoughts. As these will mostly be “big picture” comments, if your manuscript hasn’t been professionally edited at all yet, this is a good place to start.

Line/Content Editing
This is much deeper than developmental editing, as I’ll read carefully through your manuscript, line by line, trying to detect where the problems are and where things can be improved. Word choice, concision, emotion, fluidity, and more will be dissected. I’ll include both detailed in-text comments and an editorial letter with overall notes.

Copyediting is where we get into the grammar, spelling, and punctuation of your manuscript. I use the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the most common style guide when it comes to fiction. Copyediting also entails making sure things are consistent throughout your manuscript—like the spelling of places and character names, for instance.

Proofreading should happen after your manuscript has already been both developmentally edited and copyedited, whether by me or someone else. It is a quick read-through of your manuscript to catch any typos or missed grammatical errors. I usually won’t be editing anything for content at this point. This will have a quicker turnaround than the other edits.

Everything Bundle
With this, you’ll have a total of three read-throughs, with your edits and corrections in between each. We’ll start with an overall manuscript critique and line edit combined, where I’ll write an editorial letter and leave in-text comments throughout the document. Following your edits, I’ll read through it once more for any remaining or new content issues. And finally, I’ll copyedit the manuscript for you!

*NOTE: If you’d like to create another bundle deal with at least two of my services, message me, and we’ll talk about pricing.

Shorter Works

If you have something less than novel length—an article, essay, or blog post, for example—message me with some information about your project, and I’ll give you a quote!

Query and Submissions

Query Critiques
I’ve read and reviewed thousands of query critiques—so I know what makes a query good and what makes a query . . . not so good. I’ve seen it all, let me tell you. This will be a flat rate price at $20, which includes a read-through, direct comments, copyediting, and a small letter with overall feedback. If you want a second read-through after you’ve edited, I’d be happy to do that at 50% the original price.

Submission Package Critiques
This includes the query, the synopsis, and the first two chapters of your manuscript. These few short excerpts will make it or break it for you when you’re trying to find a publisher or agent. Let me help you make them the best they can be!


Please send me an email at novelapproachedits@gmail.com with information about your novel (genre, length, what services you’d like). If you’d like me to do a free five-page sample, let me know! I’ll get back to you quickly so we can get started.